We have launched!! Fiinx Mini

We have launched!! Fiinx Mini

So...... after a very long time we have launched our Fiinx Mini!!!! Yay!!! Our daughter has handpicked all of the items herself and it took an enormous amount willpower from herself not to keep all the items she chose.

Please do browse the site and look at the fab prices we are able to offer you!!

Health is Wealth

Many of you may have noticed that have not updated our page for a while so apologies but a health set back has rendered me useless for a while. 

Health is wealth as the saying goes so please be patient with us while i attend to my health. In the meantime use the code 'Love' for 10% off. 

Thank you!



SO, our 10 year old daughter has decided to invest her money dedicated to "girls things "- a younger version of Fiinx !!

We are currently brainstorming a name for the page and all sorts of weird & wonderful names are being thrown around - trust me some of them are hilarious

We can't wait to launch her collection of handpicked items that she has chosen for all the mini divas out there!!



Indeeya by Fiinx

Indeeya by Fiinx

We are showcasing our indian jewellery on our website.

Our super talented daughter drew the logo for this collection and we are SOOOOO proud of her!! 

By just seeing it on instagram has boosted the confidence of our 10 yr old princess - reach for the stars baby!!

Valentine's Day

We have re-stocked our lip liners and we are having a very special venting's day!

We have 5 New shades launching on valentine's day & we have a special offer that starts today where you will receive a free lip liner with every matte lip cream purchased